You’ve no doubt noticed that tires can cost quite a bit of cash. Every time I get a new set of tires, I end up easily spending 500 dollars or more. Of course, you can bring down the cost by purchasing used tires, but I am always reluctant to do that. To me, the risks do not outweigh the potential rewards. However, just because you buy brand new tires, it does not mean you can’t get a good deal. Here are two things I do to make sure I’m getting a good price for my tires.

buying tires online1. I buy online from Discount Tire or Tire Rack
Sure, there are plenty of other places you can get your tires. But in my experience, these two stores have the best price and customer service. I also like the fact that you can arrange an installation appointment as you purchase your tires. In the case of Discount Tire, you would make an appointment with a nearby Discount Tire store. With Tire Rack, you can choose from a list of local installers that the company works with.

2. Use online coupons and rebates for extra savings
In almost all cases, I am able to find a good deal of online coupon codes for Discount tire and Tire Rack by going to online coupon sites. A lot of these coupons allow you to receive a prepaid card upon purchasing a full set. Savings can be anywhere from fifty to eighty dollars or more. Online rebate forms are also available for similar amounts.

By doing these two things, you should find that you routinely save anywhere from fifty to a hundred dollars off of what you might otherwise pay. Hopefully, you will only need to get a new set of tires every several years. Make sure you follow maintenance guidelines for your tires to prolong their life as much as possible.