If you can get something for free, then why pay for it? This is a question you may ask yourself if you are considering online dating. After all, there are quite a few free online dating sites. The two largest ones are Plentyoffish and Okcupid.

But the reason you shouldn’t settle for such sites is the same reason you should always pay for a quality product if you are able to do so. While free dating sites, functionally, do work much like paid dating sites, your results will be inferior by using these sites. Because membership is free, you’ll find plenty of fake profiles or even frauds on such sites. In addition, the response rate of people on such sites are much lower than what you’d find on Match.com.

I saw a news program not long ago where someone used the site, OKcupid. The program was about people who are successful at online dating. The online dater on the program literally swiped through hundreds of profiles on his phone, expressing interest in each one, without even taking time to look at the photo or read the profile. Apparently, that is what it takes to get a lot of dates when you use a free online dating site.

Now, don’t get me wrong, you’ll have to be proactive in order to succeed on Match.com as well. But the people on the site are more responsive and take their dating more seriously, because they had to pay in order to use the service. But you don’t have to necessarily believe me on that, since there is a Match.com free trial you can use to try out the service for a few days, free. To get the Match.com free trial, check out CouponLeaf.com.